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It ought to be important to give hydrogen in a gigantic sum at an extraordinary cost. Be that as it may, it is conceivable to acknowledge whether hydrogen is created without CO2 emanation since CO2 end is vitality requesting and expensive procedure related with condition issue, for example, nursery impact. Tragically, as of now regular procedure of hydrogen creation is the steam improving procedure which has profoundly CO2 outflow. Right now, around 48 % of hydrogen gets from petroleum gas by steam transforming process, 30 % from oil changing in the concoction assembling and 18 % from coal gasification.3 It answers that 96 % of the hydrogen creation gets from fossil related with a tremendous measure of CO2 discharge. Just 4 % of hydrogen creation is originated from water electrolysis.4 It likewise expected that hydrogen creation without CO2 advancements are the incredible wish for the eventual fate of a reasonable hydrogen economy. Zero CO2 emanations are conceivable when the crude materials are from sustainable source, for example, bio-gas. For example, water electrolysis with inexhaustible power and thermo-synthetic cycle forms utilizing sustainable warmth are the agent hydrogen creation without CO2 emission.5, 6 However, the expense of hydrogen creation utilizing sustainable procedures is as of now restrictive expense. In this way, a changeover to a hydrogen economy would presumably begin with hydrogen delivered from petroleum products, particularly flammable gas (NG). Steam improving of flammable gas process is the most proficient and by and large utilized procedure for the hydrogen creation in business field.7 Steam changing procedure is fundamentally the change of methane and water to hydrogen gas and carbon oxides, and has two principle responses, as appeared in Fig. X:7 Union gas genera... ...ches have an impetus deactivation issue related with the carbon, which originate from methane disintegration, can be secured on the impetus surface. In this manner, it needs the consuming process17 or gasifying with steam18 for expelling carbon on the impetus surface. Be that as it may, gasification or ignition of carbon buildups on the impetus surface causes to create a tremendous measure of CO2 as result. In this way, there have been explored the simultaneous creation of hydrogen and nanostructured carbon by Ni-and Fe-impetus for decay of methane.19, 20 Also, another gathering revealed the chance of utilizing carbon materials as impetus for warm decomposition.21, 22 They announced carbon impetus is a situation agreeable strategy to the creation of hydrogen and carbon. Carbon is valuable side-effect of the warm synergist process. It could lessen the expense of hydrogen creation.

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Analytical Essay Sample on a Fictional Character #8211; Atticus Finch

Expository Essay Sample on a Fictional Character #8211; Atticus Finch Atticus Finch is fundamentally an anecdotal character remembered for Harper Lee’s well known novel dedicated, To Kill a Mockingbird. As indicated by the novel, Finch, an inhabitant of Maycomb County, which is likewise an anecdotal nation in Alabama, is a legal advisor and the dad of two kids named Jeremy and Jean. Evidently, Lee put together the qualities of Finch with respect to those of his own dad, Coleman Lee. Coleman was, much the same as Finch, a legal counselor in Alabama who endeavored to voice and shield the privileges of dark residents blamed for heap of wrongdoings. A large portion of the preliminaries taken by Coleman were exceptionally exposed, similarly as those that are taken by Finch. In the novel, Finch is portrayed as a tough individual with a solid character. Finch is likewise depicted as a person who is never hesitant to place his own life at serious risk while safeguarding the privileges of blamed blacks. Not exclusively did the cases place his life in harm's way yet the cases additionally represented a major danger to his vocation. These dangers, notwithstanding, didn't appear to frighten off Finch who even buckled down on the exceptionally plugged and disputable cases. Finch’s character is that of a person who effectively seeks after equity and shows genuine instances of a scout. The character additionally shows the significance of honesty and exactly that it is so imperative to be happy to forfeit everything that one has in quest for reality and looking for equity. Maybe Lee respected his dad so much that he chose to outline what he thought of his dad in the book. Lee, through Finch’s character, seems, by all accounts, to be showing the crowd that once they have faith in something, they ought not be reluctant to pursue that thing, paying little heed to the results. One of the most well known citations in the book is what expresses that â€Å"one can never truly comprehend a person until one starts taking a gander at the current circumstance from the perspective on that person. It isn't until one trips into an individual’s skin and strolls around in it that one will comprehend that individual.† In this statement, Finch has all the earmarks of being offering a significant bit of guidance to Scout when she encounters an exceptionally extreme time while in school. The statement is intended to assist Scout with returning to class despite the fact that she had decided never to return to class. The other mainstream citation is â€Å"the one thing that doesn't follow most of what is acknowledged by individuals is an individual’s conscience.† This is a well known expression in the book since it offers a suggestion that numerous individuals can use by straightforwardly applying it to their own circumstances. Essentially, Finch is stating that individuals ought to figure out how to acknowledge the reality there are sure things that occur in life that we can't take care of and ought to subsequently not battle them however figure out how to acknowledge them as they seem to be. Tips on composing a Good 5-passage paper on Atticus Finch: Utilize solid models; Remark on each model or contention you remember for the article; Dont be excessively expressive and remain on point in your conversation. Do you need proficient 5-section exposition on Atticus Finch themes? Our paper composing administrations are planned particularly for you!

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Make Your Blog Viral on Facebook with Like Locker Plugin

Make Your Blog Viral on Facebook with Like Locker Plugin Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!Make Your Blog Viral on Facebook with Like Locker PluginUpdated On 09/01/2016Author : Chintak DholakiaTopic : FacebookShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogRecent reports released by YouTube suggests that Charlie bit my finger video, which went viral makes around $2,00,000 dollars per year. It was social networking websites which helped that video go viral. How can we forget the recently viral video: Why this kolaveri di which topped charts because of getting viral on Facebook and Twitter. So, heres amazing plugin for all theWordPressusers. Wp-Like-Locker plugin comes with feature of locking your blog posts with a Facebook Like button. The content are showed only after Liking the post.Heres how I implemented and tested it on my demonstration blog:When anyone likes it, entire blog post is visible to them:This is how amazingly you can make yo ur blog post go viral. Obviously, no one would mind liking it there as it doesnt matter them as it is still Free!How to set up in WordPress?Download the plugin from: Click hereSetup and install it via FTP or direct upload into WordPress Plugins.Once done, you will be able to see a Facebook icon in the text editor box. Click on it.Alternatively, you can also use short codes [wp-like-locker] and [/wp-like-locker] to include selected or entire text into Facebook Like LockerREADHOW TO: Use Your Facebook Like Captain Jack Sparrow

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Analysis Keystone Xl Pipeline - 1423 Words

Isabella Moreno Mr. Lipham Hon Economy, A Block 15 February 2015 Spring Research Paper: Keystone XL Pipeline The Keystone XL pipeline is a proposed expansion of the existing Keystone system, being proposed to transport greater volumes of Canadian oil sands crude to world market. It would transport Canadian crude oil to the U.S. Gulf Coast for refining or export. Trans Canada’s proposed XL pipeline has emerged as a symbolic flashpoint in the complex debate over energy, the environment, and the economy. Pipeline advocates argue that the project will creates tens of thousands of jobs and by increasing the flow of Canadian Oil into the U.S., will lower gasoline prices and strengthen energy security. Pipeline opponents counter that any†¦show more content†¦If market conditions change, the capacity of the pipeline could be increased to 830,000 barrels per day (bpd). The overall pipeline is estimated to cost 7$ billion. The Canadian company, TransCanada, initially proposed the pipeline in 2005 and applied to the State Department for a construction permit in 2008. The State Department has the permitting authority for the project because it crosses an international border, and the secretary of state must determine whether the project is â€Å"in the national interest†Ã¢â‚¬â€a decision that includes economic, environment, national security and foreign policy consequences. In January 2014, the state department released an environmental impact statement concluding that the pipeline was unlikely to significantly increase the rate of carbon pollution in the atmosphere. That analysis kicked off a 90-day review process in which Secretary of State John Kerry requested comment from eight other agencies including E.P.A. and the Commerce Defense and Homeland Security departments. The State department just finished collecting comments from agencies as to whether the project is in the nation’s best interest. Once Secretary of State John Kerry revised the comments, he sent a recommendation to Obama, who make the final decision. On Tuesday February 24, President Obama vetoed legislationShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Transcanadas Proposed Keystone Xl Pipeline1342 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline would move oil sands from Canada and shale oil produced in North Dakota and Montana to Nebraska for further delivery to the Gulf Coast where many refineries are located. This pipeline would be 875 miles of 36-inch pipe with the capacity to transport 830,000 barrels per day. Since the pipeline would cross the US border from Canada to the United States, the pipeline requires a Presidential permit from the state department. This decision isRead MoreAnalysis Of Transcanada s Proposal Of The Keystone Xl Pipeline Essay1123 Words   |  5 Pages This paper explores TransCanada’s proposal of the Keystone XL Pipeline. I will analyze the past problems which resulted in its defeat, along with possible solutions for future implementation. The case study is split in to three main parts: the identification of past issues, an examination of action plans and lastly, recommendations for upcoming development. Identification of Issues The Keystone XL Pipeline fight involved large economic and political issues. Some of the major issues included:Read MoreThe Keystone Xl Pipeline Is The Endurance Of Todays Society1734 Words   |  7 Pagesplays a major role in the world’s economy. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a crude oil pipeline that is designed to run from â€Å"Hardisty, Alberta†¦to Steele City, Nebraska,† (About The Project). Citizens of Canada and the United States are debating the development of the pipeline. There are two sides to this issue, to either approve or disapprove the Keystone XL Pipeline, and by researching this topic I will form an opinion. Most of the Keystone pipeline has already been put in place. According to an imageRead MoreState Department Decision On Keystone Xl Pipeline1533 Words   |  7 PagesJosephine Parker, independent analyst Date: October 22, 2015 Subject: State Department decision on Keystone XL Pipeline Introduction: This memorandum addresses how the State Department of the United States should handle the pending application of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a project under consideration that would provide a 1,664-mile extension to an existing pipeline system built by Canadian company TransCanada. The extension would transport 830,000 barrels of crudeRead MoreThe Keystone Xl Pipeline Is Job Creation1037 Words   |  5 Pagesargument. One argument made my proponents regarding the Keystone XL pipeline is job creation. Proponents argue that the Keystone XL pipeline will create a total of 9,000 direct jobs and 42,000 indirect jobs. However, of these proposed jobs, only 35 permanent jobs are to be created. Proponents defend this small amount of jobs by stating that this clearly show how efficient the Keystone XL pipeline truly is. Opponents to the Keystone XL pipeline argue that this minuscule amount of jobs is simply notRead MoreThe State Of The Keystone Xl Pipeline1606 Word s   |  7 PagesCompany. The pipeline infrastructure in place known as the Keystone Pipeline would now feature a larger section, which would be known as the Keystone XL. Many arguments to be analyzed involving economics, environmental and safety have been generated for and against this proposed Keystone XL construction. When analyzing the impacts of the building of the Keystone XL pipeline it can be seen it will impact our means of energy supplies. One way the United States would be helped is the Keystone XL pipelineRead MoreThe Keystone Xl Pipeline Project Essay1294 Words   |  6 PagesBuild? The Keystone XL Pipeline Project has many pros and cons just as any project does, but this project has way bigger cons than most projects this country will face today. â€Å"The Keystone XL Pipeline is an environmental crime in progress.† â€Å"It’s also been called the most destructive project on the planet.† The major issues with the Keystone XL Pipeline are â€Å"the dirty tar sands oil, the water waste, indigenous populations, refining tar sands oil and don’t forget the inevitable; pipeline spills.† AndRead MoreThe Controversial Issue of the Keystone XL Pipeline1090 Words   |  4 PagesThe Keystone XL Pipeline has been a major controversial issue in the news lately regarding the expansion of a pipeline from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. This pipeline will cross six states including Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas. This pipeline will transport 830,000 barrels of crude tar sands oil to the United States. D espite the immediately benefits for the economy with the installation, the decision is to decline the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal. ThisRead MorePlanning For The Future : The Keystone Xl Pipeline2058 Words   |  9 PagesThe Keystone XL Pipeline Mahatma Gandhi once said, â€Å"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man s needs, but not every man s greed† (Lindley). Even today, people in this world still desire many things much more than they actually need. Several occasions people have failed to take the time and think about the consequences their greeds would have on society. Since 2010, Canada and the United States have built a pipeline that travels through both countries. This pipeline, known as the Keystone PipelineRead MoreThe Alberta Tar Sands: Factors Affecting Extraction and Production of Fossil Fuels1290 Words   |  5 Pagesreserves of fossil fuels, the extraction of these resources is known to cause a variety of social and ecological problems. The extraction process itself is inefficient and the pipeline that has been proposed is subject to many environmental risks. Portions of the pipeline have already been approved and the construction of the pipeline is already begun in some areas. This paper will look at some of the factors associated with tar sands extraction and production of fossil fuels. Introduction Bituminous

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John Watson - 2019 Words

Watson’s life history John Broadus Watson was a famous American psychologist who lived between the year 1878 and 1958. He was born in a place called Greenville in South Carolina. John’s father was called Pickens and Emma was his mother and he was their fourth born child. The family was not well of financially they just lived in poverty. In spite of the poverty that engulfed the family, John’s father turned to be a habitual drunkard who cared less for his family. However, Emma John’s mother was a devoted religious woman who struggled to take care of the children with less support from her husband (Watson, 1999). In 1891, Pickens John’s father left the family and disappeared since he was somebody who engaged in extra marital affairs with†¦show more content†¦Behaviorism Watson’s school of thought Watson formed the idea of behaviorism which later became the whole branch of psychology. He concentrated in studying biology, physiology and the behaviors of animals, a work which he was inspired by the recent work of his fore runner in the same field called Ivan Pavlov (WGBH, 1998). He studied children behaviors and later on noted that human beings were a bit complex than other animals; however they use the same principles. He believed that all animals were machines that responded to the situations in their environment following their nerves that were conditioned through experience. All these ideas were published in his first article of 1913 which established a new school of thought in psychology called behaviorism. Behaviorism or behavioral psychology is a school of thought that asserts that the process of learning is based on the idea that all the behaviors of animals are acquired through the process of conditioning. This conditioning occurs through the interaction of the surrounding. Therefore, according to the behaviorists, the behaviors of animals can be studied in a more observable and systematic way without cons idering the internal mental state. The behaviorists suggest two types of conditioning; we have the classical and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning is a technique where behavior training involves the presentation of naturalShow MoreRelated John B. Watson2181 Words   |  9 PagesJohn Broadus Watson was a famous American psychologist who lived between 1878 and 1958. He was born in Greenville, South Carolina to Pickens and Emma Watson and was the fourth of six children. The family was not well off financially and John did not have an easy childhood. In spite of the poverty that engulfed the family, John’s father turned into an alcoholic who cared less for his family. However, Emma, John’s mother was a devoted religious woman who struggled to take care of her children withRead MoreJohn Broadus Watson : The Son Of Emma And Pickens Watson1007 Words   |  5 PagesJohn Broadus Watson was born near Greenville, South Carolina on January 9, 1878. He was the son of Emma and Pickens Watson. In the year 1891, John and the rest of his family was left behind by his father, complicating everything. Given the situations that his family was very poor, everything then became different for them. Since his father left his family, Watson held a long-life resentment towards him. He had hatred told his father for a long time for abandoning him. As a young child, John BroadusRead MoreBiography Of John B. Watson1180 Words   |  5 PagesJohn B. Watson has been credited for founding the school of behaviourism in 1913, his now renown lecture given at Columbia University begun the official founding of behaviourism and he became well-known for his â€Å"Little Albert† study that demonstrated how experience rearranged the stimuli that caused emotional responses such as fear, rage and love. Watson may have founded behaviourism but he paved the way for many individual functionalists such as Ivan Sechenov, Ivan Pavlov, and Vladimir BechterevRead MoreJohn Wat son Vs. Carl Rogers770 Words   |  4 PagesJohn Watson Vs. Carl Rogers An Exploration in the History of Psychology Bradley (Afton) Hill Davidson County Community College Introduction Throughout the span of history, psychology has always existed. Humans have always pondered why we think, act, and see the world as we do. Most information we have on the very foundations of psychology come from philosophers and physicists such as Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, and Gustav Fechner. Today I’ll be comparing two very different psychologists: JohnRead MoreJohn Broadus Watson : The Father Of Behaviorism Essay1786 Words   |  8 PagesJohn Broadus Watson, also known as the father of behaviorism, is a very well known psychologist. He is most known for Behaviorism. Born to Emma and Pickens Watson on January 9th, 1878 in South Carolina. His parent’s were extremely different being how his mother was a very religious Christian while his father was more of a drinker and had marital affairs and in 1891 left his family (Watson 1999). John was very disrespectful in school. There were incidents where John assaulted other students, particularlyRead MoreAnalysis Of John Watson s Life2310 Words   |  10 PagesJohn Gerk Mr. Jiru College Psychology November 25, 2014 John Watson’s life began in Greenville, South Carolina on January 9th 1878 whose parents were Emma and Pickens Watson. His mother Emma was very religious, so religious in fact that she named John after a Baptist minister, but his father on the other hand was not as religious as his wife. His father drank, had multiple affairs, and finally left his wife and son in 1891. During Watson’s childhood he was a student who did poorly in school and gotRead MoreJohn B. Watson s Theory Of Psychology1048 Words   |  5 PagesJohn B. Watson was a great American psychologist whose theories, publications, and experiments had an enduring influence on psychology. Possibly his biggest contributions to psychology were his theory of behaviorism and his experiment on Little Albert. Though Watson’s experiments were extremely unethical and behaviorism doesn’t account for biological psychology, Watson was an extremely remarkable psychologist because of his principal of behaviori sm and his findings on classical conditioning. BackgroundRead MoreThe Little Albert Experiment By John B. Watson997 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout psychology we have learned a variety of experiments that have made an impact toward the field of psychology. One important experiment that was significant in the field was the â€Å"Little Albert Experiment† by John B. Watson. John B. Watson was a behaviorist where he wanted to conduct an experiment that further Ivan Pavlov research on classical conditioning. Classical conditioning is a theory engages a new behavior through the process of association. This theory includes three stages of classicalRead MoreBiography Of John Watson s Little Albert 2065 Words   |  9 PagesIn the 1920s, American psychologist John Watson coined a novel movement of psychology known as behaviorism (Gluck, Mercado, Myers, 2011). â€Å"Inspired by the works of prominent psychologists Ivan Pavlov and Edward Thorndike, behaviorism is a discipline of psychology that places its focus on observable be haviors rather than internal consciousness†. Stemming off Pavlov’s earlier research, Watson’s experiment â€Å"Little Albert† could be considered one of his greatest psychological advancements in behavioralRead MoreJohn B. Watson s Article Summary Essay1765 Words   |  8 PagesSummary One of the most famous American Psychologists, John B. Watson, conducted numerous experiments that helped establish a clearer understanding of how the human brain associates response to certain situations. In one of his more famous experiments, Watson tested the conditioned emotional response of a small child. This child, Albert, was eleven months old and was one of â€Å"the most developed youngsters ever brought to the hospital† (Watson, 1). It was noted that he never presented fear in any situation

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The Dangers Of Vaccinating Children From Viruses That...

Mothers who are vaccinated are protecting their unborn children from viruses that could cause birth defects. Protecting future generations is vital in order to try and exterminate disease. The dangers of not vaccinating include exposing the individual child to disease, and also exposing other vulnerable people who may have compromised immune systems or not are eligible for vaccination. By receiving a vaccination you are limiting a future outbreak. Disease has been a problem for as long as mankind has been around. By making vaccinations mandatory for schools in every state we as a whole will be much healthier and less likely to get sick. 93% of children between the ages of 19-35 months have gotten the vaccine for Polio and the causes for that disease have decreased by 99%. In today’s world our medicine and science is getting much better. One of the first vaccines created was for smallpox. A man named Edward Jenner discovered that by taking the right amount of the live virus co wpox (vaccinia) and injecting it into his patients they did not catch smallpox. Like most things, the right dosage of a vaccine can prevent people from getting sick. The fact that vaccines have nearly gotten rid of some deadly diseases is a reason why getting vaccinated is important. With better education and information, people who choose not to vaccinate their children can be encouraged to consider vaccination, which will benefit both their families and society as a whole. Vaccines are veryShow MoreRelatedVaccination Is The Best For A Parent Than The Health Of Their Child Essay1558 Words   |  7 Pagesrefusing to vaccinate their children is on the rise, and is most likely the cause of the resurgence of these diseases (Phadke, Bednarcyzk, Salmon, Omer, 2016). Many medical professionals and scientists consider vaccination one of the greatest medical achievements in modern civilization. Research shows that vaccination is the best way to protect your child from disease. So, why are some parents opting out of vaccines? Common reasons parents have for not vaccinating their children include concerns aboutRead MoreChildhood Vaccinations And Its Effect On Children1619 Words   |  7 Pagesproblem solving, memory, judgment, impulse control and much more does not fully mature until our late twenties. The average age to start having children is in our early twenties, (25 years of age or younger) not to mention the teen parents. Throughout childbirth, one question that needs proper judgment and consideration to make is, whether to have their children vaccinated. One barrier that can affect parent when making solid decisions about childhood vaccinations is the scientific terminology doctorRead MoreShould Mandatory Vaccination Be Mandatory? Essay2213 Words   |  9 Pagesmandatory. Proponents argue that vaccines save lives, vaccine-preventable diseases have not been eradicated, and vaccines protect herd immunity. Many people also disagree with the possibility of required vaccinations. Opponents argue that vaccines cause harm, immunity by vaccinations is inferior to natural immunity, and government policies should not dictate personal medical choices. The first supportive argument of mandating vaccines is that vaccines save lives. In their article â€Å"A Mandatory HPVRead MoreThe Vaccination Of Children And Their Children s Immune System4822 Words   |  20 PagesThe vaccination of children is a common practice in the United States. It has helped prevent the spread of infectious diseases that has plagued our society since the dawn of time. Since the decline of those infectious diseases, the United States and other countries have gone to what is called â€Å"herd immunity,† which is a mandatory vaccination of a majority of children to protect the mass population from contracting those easily communicable diseases (Orenstein Yang, 2015). However, as of lateRead MoreCommunity Health Nursing Final Exam Study Guide Essay15874 Words   |  64 Pagestreated with medications or therapies to overcome some of these issues? These things will bring them to a state of having a higher quality of life. They are less likely to ho ld down jobs (i.e. schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression). Some of these cause a break with reality. Very individualized. Medication management; wrap around services. They can help link with resources. Assessments to take a look at evaluation piece. Are the therapies working for them and making them the best they can be?

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Analyzing the Marketing Environment free essay sample

Introduction to Marketing | MKT2010 Instructor: Thomas Harper South University Online One of the current most talked about microenvironments is technology. The rapid changes in the world of technology as we know it keeps people guessing and waiting for the next new breakthroughs. In the auto market with gasoline, prices increasing almost by the minute smaller more fuel-efficient cars are in. In the world of communication, new high tech phones and data devices are what sell’s. The faster the device is or the larger the screen and more compact it is the faster people buy them. With today’s changes in technology, the sky is the limit. If it can be imagined it can be made. As the demand for more advanced high tech products hits the market, the demand grows even larger. Companies that manufacture such products have planned the next generation of each new product to keep the demand for these gadgets by advertising newer and better features. We will write a custom essay sample on Analyzing the Marketing Environment or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Last year’s model may still be stored in a warehouse somewhere and this year’s model is being, advertised to hit the market in a matter of months. By saturating, the market with a particular product prompts the techno junkies to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on that new model of cell phone computer or IPOD. Corporations depend on this so they promote sales to clear out warehouse to make room for the next big thing. In the auto world as the demand for smarter more technology advanced vehicles are, advertised the greater the demand is by the consumers. More people want the latest and greatest additions specifically young single people who work multiple jobs and need a vehicle that will give them 40 gallons to the mile or 500 hundred miles per tank. Young married couples are not to, be left out of the equation either. As we see advertised on TV the young couple with one or two children and a dog help to sell the idea that a specific model of car is what should, be driven to express the point that this car is what should be purchased because it is the right one to buy. In this advertisement, you have what every new married couple of wants a safe, good looking, and economical vehicle. Auto companies market this idea to this group of people to sell a particular type car. By showing, the dashboard with the built in GPS and other safety features people go to the show rooms to see all of the new technology. Taking a test drive to realize what the gadgets can do helps to make the sale. Cars and SUV’s are almost like home on the road these days they will accommodate most of our needs according to which extras are included when the vehicle is ordered. Each of the many automotive companies must know what the other company is doing to sell the customer their product. So they make specific changes to a type of technology in there vehicle. These changes can be similar but different in regards to placement and convenience. On the other hand it maybe a new; innovation for this model vehicle. One of the newer advancements sold by automakers is the hands free phone system. This system is not exactly supported by the government according to a, web article from intranet magazine The Week. â€Å"LaHood’s crusade against texting while driving was bad enough, but this draconian ban is ridiculous. It wont make roads safer — cell phone bans in three states didnt reduce accidents — its just the latest intrusion by the federal government into a matter better left up to the states. (Staff, 2010) However, many people who are responsible drivers would tell you that this feature is necessary. Having the ability to dial, answer and talk on your cell phone by voice control without using your hands is a welcome addition in this busy world of constant communication. Not having to hold the phone, dial and talk on it wh ile driving is very safe for drivers who understand the consequences. To push the point a little further as new, innovations make cars smarter they also demand that the driver be more, informed about how to use these improvements properly and safely. With any new product sold to the public trial and error will prove its reliability. If a new product or improvement to a specific car fails or causes the driver or its passenger to get hurt due to this failure. The rest of the automotive world will take note and take the necessary steps to change or repair the system that may be at fault if there, system works in the same fashion via the recall process. Once all of the changes are, made and the car is deemed, safe again. We may see a new automaker at the next years auto show featuring their new product with these improvements for this system. Thus, creating a new product that can be, marketed to the consumers may like the new changes. This type of market impact on a device of this nature may put hands free devices in cars back on the good list with those opponents of this sort of tech. As innovation changes new things are, learned each day. Change is a relevant fact and as the changers of innovation, we determine what changes we will use. Reference Staff, T. W. (2010, 10 18). The Week. Retrieved 5 7, 2013, from theweek. com: http://theweek. com/article/index/208298/banning-cell-phones-in-cars-the-governments-draconian-plan